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We are very grateful to a number of individuals for their support in the various stages of the project, including for assistance with access, support for testing, and peer review of the work in progress:

Susanna Agostini, Joanne Allen, Nicola Amico, Monica Bietti, Caroline Bruzelius, Caroline Campbell, Riccardo Camporesi, Paolo Carboni, Andrew Chen, Lawrence Chiles, Benjie Croce, Andrea De Marchi, Carlo Francini, Ross Gill, Kieron Gurner, Dave Heyman, Marco Malena, Andrea Misuri, Jo Morrison, Roberta Mottola, Arabella Natalini, Franco Niccolucci, Ginevra Niccolucci, Jack Norris, François Penz, Giovanni Pescarmona, Jo Reid, Paola Ronzino, Miguel Santa Clara, Rebecca Sartore, Rocco Simone, Jennifer Sliwka, Gail Solberg, Amy Spreadbury, Alison Wright. 

All final results are own and may be provisional! We’re interested to hear back constructive criticism that will improve future iterations of this work.


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